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No Sew Quilted Christmas Ornament

Click on the link above to watch the tutorial before the craft night.
The video will give you a visual and explain the how to’s of the craft.
Time: 1 hour
(gather these and bring them with you.)
Need 3 fabrics cut 2.5″ strips with of fabric sub cut into 2.5″squares using contrast fabric will help define the quilted stars.
1st fabric centre need 8  2.5″ squares
2nd fabric need 16  2.5″ squares
3rd fabric need 16  2.5″ squares 3″ form ball
approx 230 small pins
ribbon to go around diameter of ball & trimmings to hang
glue gun to secure ribbon & trimmings around ball (rather than pins)
If you don’t wish to participate in the craft but would be interested in visiting with the other ladies, you are more than welcome to attend.
?’s please contact Lorna Miller & or Sandy Olejnik.

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