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Thank you for continuing to hold your church family and leadership in your daily prayer.
Ladies Bible Study
Ladies of all ages and stages are welcome to join together Thursday Morning for Ladies Bible Study.
Please let Sandra or Barb know if you would like to join us.
We will be starting October 22 – come early, 9:45ish to catch up and Study starts at 10:00 am till 11:30ish. 
We are planning to meet at the Church – social distancing (masks as well if that makes you feel comfortable), bring your own coffee/tea/water, and one or two ladies each week can help with cleaning touch point surfaces.


Our study material is very relevant for the extraordinary time we are in, ‘Unshakeable Hope’ by Max Lucado. This is a 12 session DVD Series. You can order your own Study Guide online ($14.56 at Amazon) or let Barb know by October 2nd if you would like her to order one for you.


This is an outline of the material:


Maybe you feel hurt by the past. Disappointed by the present. Worried about the future. If so, you are not alone, but there is hope. You can live with security and purpose.
In Unshakable Hope, Max Lucado unpacks 12 of the Bible’s most significant promises, equipping you to overcome difficult circumstances by keeping your focus on the hope found in the promises of Scripture rather than dwelling on the problems in front of you. For every problem in life, God has given you a promise.
Hope is hard to come by these days. Whether it’s heart disease or cancer, job failure or addiction, natural disasters or family disasters, mass murders or mental illness, there are so many reasons to be overwhelmed.
In a world full of instability, we do not need more opinions or hunches; we need the definitive declarations of our mighty and loving God.
What is your life built on-the circumstances of life or the promises of God? The answer to that question changes everything. Join Max as he takes a closer look at Scripture’s unbreakable promises and shows you how to live with unshakable hope.