We are fortunate to live in a part of the world where our climate affords the privilege of experiencing all 4 seasons!  In the dead of winter, residents of the Canadian prairies may beg to differ on this point, however, would we really appreciate the warm days of summer  quite as much if it weren’t for the frosty days of -40 degrees that we can experience in January?
The Christian church celebrates seasons throughout the year also.  The seasons of the church coincide with the events in the life of Jesus that we remember and commemorate at certain times throughout the year.  Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and so on, all call the people of God to be reminded of the significant events that not only shaped the life of our Lord, but as we commemorate and celebrate these events, should also profoundly shape our lives.  Robert Webber put it this way, “Through Christian-year spirituality we are enabled to experience the biblical mandate of conforming to Christ.  The Christian year orders our formation with Christ incarnate in his ministry, death, burial, resurrection, and coming again…In Christian-year spirituality we are spiritually formed by recalling and entering in to his great saving events.”
As a church family, when we go through the ritual and the yearly rhythms of the Christian year, may we not simply “go through the motions” of our rituals and celebrations, but take the annual opportunities that we have to let these important events in Jesus’ ministry and life shape us and form us as we grow to be more Christ-like every day of every year.