Sunday Morning Worship ~ September 19, 2021


Children’s Sunday Morning Worship 

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A Note from Pastor Ryan
Hello WainNaz Family,
We hope you will be able to join with us for our weekly Sunday morning worship service. We will continue to offer the option of in-person and online participation via livestream @10:10 am. You can access the on-line streaming by using the link above. Don`t forget that all services are archived on our YouTube channel and can be accessed anytime. You can subscribe to our channel here.
As we gather in person we will be following the guidelines as set out by AHS. These include wearing a mask indoors and physical distancing. We are thankful for a facility that has a lot of room to social distance during our worship services. Our greeters will guide you to available seating when you arrive for the service. 
Let’s continue with the following practices:
  • Continue to give tithes and offerings to God.  Giving is an act of worship and as we are tempted to hold back for ourselves during these uncertain days, when we give to God we acknowledge that we ultimately find our sustenance and provision in him, tangibly trusting in God during the uncertain days we face.  You can drop your tithe off at the church office during weekdays or you may choose to e-transfer your tithe to the following address:


If you e-transfer please indicate in the message who is giving the e-transfer 

Please call or email the church if you have questions regarding giving.

  • We encourage families that are unable to attend in-person services, to utilize the resources on the Children’s ministry tab.  
As we continue to face the new reality of each day, take heart and be encouraged! We remember that the body of Christ is not limited by working only within the walls of the church building or when we gather as a group. The church of Jesus Christ is always at its best and fulfilling its mission as it works in the world.  We have such tremendous opportunities before us to be the church, the manifest presence of God in his world. Pray for creative ways in which you might be used as part of the mobilized body of Christ this week.  


“Oh Lord We ask that you pull back the veil and open our eyes to possibilities that exist-to serve, to help, to be a voice of peace and comfort, to be the manifestation of your presence in the world.”  
Looking forward to seeing you in-person again!
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Ryan